Symbols that are wild and scatter.

Slot machines have come a long way since their inception over a century ago. Once simplistic with only one payline and three reels, they have now become one of the most beloved and thrilling casino games. Learning how to play slots is a breeze, as the basic rules remain consistent across different variations. The objective is simple - match three identical symbols and receive a payout based on the symbol combination. In the past, there was no room for additional features or complexities, but that has changed drastically.

Manufacturers have implemented numerous enhancements to the slot industry as it has evolved. With the intention of enticing a larger player base, they have expanded the number of reels to either 5 or, in certain instances, even 7. Furthermore, they have introduced a greater variety of symbols, thereby increasing the potential combinations and enabling more substantial winnings. As time progressed, unique symbols were incorporated that deviated from the conventional icons. These distinct symbols possess the ability to alter the gameplay by triggering specific events on the reels, thereby granting players the opportunity to attain more substantial and gratifying rewards.

In modern times, nearly every online slot game incorporates distinctive characteristics and unique symbols associated with these features. The Wild symbol and the Scatter symbol are the two most prevalent special symbols found in these games. When players encounter these symbols on the reels, they are filled with joy as they amplify the overall gaming experience and potentially boost their winnings, granted that they appear in the correct arrangements as dictated by the rules of the specific slot game. The Wild symbol and the Scatter symbol both possess equal value, yet they differ in their functionalities and the impact they have on gameplay.

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The Wild symbol

It's fascinating to note that the Wild symbol, also known as the Joker, is an incredibly prevalent icon that can be found in almost every slot machine. This symbol holds tremendous significance as players eagerly anticipate its appearance on the screen, as it often brings about additional winnings, often accompanied by captivating visual effects. Consequently, it becomes both intriguing and lucrative to possess a comprehensive understanding of these symbols. Nowadays, a slot machine without a Wild symbol is simply unimaginable, as it has become an integral component of the overall experience. In order for a symbol to be deemed Wild, it must possess a slight variation from the others. This distinction can manifest in various ways, ranging from the inclusion of the word "Wild" presented in a distinctive font to an element that harmonizes with the theme and remains relevant to the overall concept.

When a Wild symbol graces the reels, its primary role is to substitute for regular symbols, thereby aiding in the creation of winning combinations. This not only enhances the potential for increased earnings, but also adds to the overall enjoyment of the game. It's worth noting, however, that Wild symbols typically cannot take the place of Scatter symbols or other bonus symbols. On occasion, Wild symbols themselves can even form winning combinations, providing players with substantial payouts as a result.

In slot machines, wild symbols play a role similar to that of a Joker card in a card game, often carrying high rewards. To illustrate this concept, let's consider a basic 3-reel slot game with a single payline. To secure a win, it is necessary for identical symbols to align in a row across all three reels. However, the presence of a wild symbol can substitute for any of these symbols. For instance, if the first and third reels display a BAR symbol, while the second reel does not, the player does not receive a payout. However, if the second reel displays a wild symbol, a winning combination is formed. It is important to note that the overall payout remains unaltered, as the wild symbol effectively assumes the identity of the symbol it replaces.

In some cases, things can get a bit more intricate when you take into account multiple reels and various paylines. It's worth noting that many of the popular online slot games have distinct paytables specifically for Wild symbols. It's not uncommon to come across situations where you land two different winning combinations on a single payline. One scenario that might occur is having multiple Wild symbols lined up alongside regular symbols. In these particular instances, most slot games will only consider the most profitable combination along that specific payline. Nevertheless, there are exceptions to this rule. To address this potential issue, certain top-notch online slot games have a restriction in place that prevents Wild symbols from appearing on the first line.

In recent times, game developers have made a decision to enhance the significance of the Wild symbol in gameplay by introducing additional bonus features such as Expanding Wild, Sticky Wild, or Shifting Wild. These clever special attributes have effectively elevated the worth of the Wild symbol in their own unique manner.

In the world of slot machines, it's fascinating how the Wild symbols can differ from one game to another. With every new era of slots, there emerges a fresh array of Wild symbols, each possessing its own unique characteristics. Let me present you with a compilation of the most frequently encountered Wild symbols, just to give you a taste of the variety that awaits you.


Sticky Wild symbols, just like other Wild symbols, have a random appearance on the reels and serve as substitutes for all symbols except Scatter symbols and bonus symbols. However, what sets Sticky Wilds apart is their ability to remain on the reels for multiple spins, thereby increasing your chances of hitting a big win. It's important to note that this feature is exclusive to online slots, although there are also traditional slot machines that feature Wild symbols. In certain slots, Sticky Wilds make their appearance during the free spins round, and they continue to stick to the reels throughout the entire duration of the free spins. Some popular slots that offer Sticky Wild symbols include NetEnt's Creature from the Blue Lagoon and South Park, Playtech's Fantastic Four, as well as Microgaming's Immortal Romance and Girls with Guns.

Shifting Wilds

Dolphin Cash by Playtech and Robin Hood by NetEnt are two examples of slot games that feature the Shifting Wild symbol. This symbol is often seen as a variation of the Sticky Wild, as it remains on the reels for multiple spins but changes its position. Unlike the Sticky Wild, which stays in one place, the Shifting Wild moves horizontally. It can start from either reel 5 and shift towards reel 1 or begin from reel 1 and shift rightward. Regardless of the direction, the Shifting Wilds have the potential to significantly boost your winnings, especially if you manage to land two or more of them simultaneously.

Wild Multiplayer

When playing slot machines, it is worth noting that the Wild symbol can have a special role as a multiplier. It is important to keep in mind that the value of this multiplier can differ from machine to machine. What makes it even more exciting is that these Wild multipliers have the ability to increase the winnings they are a part of, often doubling or even tripling the amount. For those looking for an extra thrill, some slot games feature multiple Wild symbols that can create even higher multipliers when they contribute to a winning combination. If you're a fan of Wild Multiplier symbols, you might want to give popular titles like Play n'Go's Gold Volcano, Buffalo King, or Pragmatic Play's Wild West Gold a try.

Duplicating Wild

The Wild symbols in this game possess a unique power to convert ordinary symbols into Wild icons, adding an exciting twist to the gameplay. Whether they appear randomly on the reels or in adjacent positions, these Duplicating Wild symbols hold the key to unlocking immense potential. A fantastic illustration of this thrilling feature can be found in Yggdrasil's FairWin slot, where the presence of a crow symbol prompts the transformation of all nearby icons into Wilds, leading to the possibility of multiplying your winnings. NetEnt's Wonky Wabbits slot is another excellent example, showcasing the magic of Duplicating Wild symbols in action.

Stacked Wild

One of the features that can greatly enhance your chances of winning in slot games is the appearance of Stacked Wild symbols. These symbols, which are essentially regular Wild symbols stacked on top of each other, cover an entire reel and create a greater opportunity for a winning combination. Typically, they come in groups of 2, 3, 4, or 5 symbols, further amplifying their potential impact. It's worth noting that Stacked Wilds can manifest in different ways depending on the slot game. Some games offer the possibility of Stacked Wilds on every reel, while others restrict them to specific reels. The inclusion of Stacked Wilds on every reel often indicates a high variance game, adding an extra layer of excitement to the gameplay. On the other hand, some slots reserve Stacked Wilds exclusively for the free spins bonus feature. When these Stacked Wilds are combined with multipliers, the potential for a substantial win becomes even more enticing. An example of a slot game that incorporates Stacked Wilds is "Stardust" developed by Microgaming.

Expanding Wild

In certain slot games, there is a feature called Expanding Wilds, which starts by occupying a position on the reel and then spreads out to cover the entire reel. Although they are essentially the same as Stacked Wilds, the expanding symbols have a more impressive appearance and give game developers the opportunity to showcase their creativity through different animated effects. A great example of this is Playtech's Fantastic Four, where the character Mr. Fantastic expands to create a visually striking effect. Another noteworthy game, Lucky Lager by NYX software provider, uses an expanding Wild symbol in the form of a beer mug. The appearance of Expanding Wild symbols can vary depending on the game - some games have them available during the base game, while others only feature them during a round of free spins. NetEnt's Thief slot and Playtech's Age of the Gods series are also popular titles that include Expanding Wild symbols.

Walking Wild

NetEnt, the gaming company, introduced a unique feature called Walking Wild symbols. These symbols, which act as Wilds, have the ability to walk across the reels. Each time the reels spin, the Walking Wilds make their way from one reel to another until they either fall or vanish. Once these special symbols appear, they generously reward players with free spins until they finally leave the reels. With a Walking Wild symbol on your reels, you have the advantage of it substituting any regular or high-paying symbol in winning combinations, significantly increasing your chances of winning. Currently, two of the most notable NetEnt games that offer the exciting Walking Wild feature are Jack and the Beanstalk and Invisible Man.

Transferring Wild

Whenever players come across slots with the Transferring Wild feature, they will notice that the first two reels are larger compared to the remaining three reels. This unique design allows for an interesting gameplay experience. The Transferring Wild symbol plays a vital role in enhancing the excitement. Once this special symbol lands on the first two reels, it has the power to transfer itself to the other three reels. As a result, players are rewarded with an increased number of Wild symbols during subsequent spins. In simpler terms, whenever a Wild icon appears on the main reels, players can enjoy its benefits four times over. Notable examples of slots that incorporate the Transferring Wild feature include Bruce Lee: Dragon's Tale and Spiderman by WMS, Book of Ra 10 Deluxe by Novomatic, and Ice and Fire by Iggdrasil.

The Scatter symbol

Scatter symbols in slot games hold immense power, each with its unique role and purpose. Their significance, however, may differ across various slot machines. The exceptional characteristic of the Scatter symbol lies in its ability to activate even without appearing on a winning line. In most cases, the Scatter grants a predetermined payout for the appearance of two, three, or more symbols anywhere on the reels. Moreover, Scatters can also serve as the key that unlocks special features within the slot game, such as a thrilling bonus game or a round of free spins. These additional elements elevate the excitement and potential rewards for players.

In order to activate a bonus round, it is typically necessary to have at least three Scatter symbols. The bonus may be triggered by Scatters appearing on specific reels in certain slot games, while in others, additional Scatters appearing during the bonus round can reactivate it.

In almost all 5-reel slots, the Scatter is a standard characteristic, although it is less prevalent in 3-reel slot machines. In addition to this, Scatters may be found in games with progressive jackpots, slots that include bonus games, 7-reel games, and any other slot variety you can conceive of.

In order to determine if a game includes the Scatter symbol, one simply needs to consult the paytable. By doing so, it is also possible to ascertain the coin value associated with each individual Scatter symbol. However, it should be noted that not all slot games featuring a Scatter symbol offer payouts for said symbols. Typically, most games incorporating Scatter symbols will reward a minimum of two Scatter symbols and a maximum of five.